Monday, September 22, 2008

4pm update

The 4pm update brought to you by WFO sportfishing and the Blue Water CUP Series...

The action on the water has finally slowed down a bit and just like predicted by the anglers and the wizard sooth sayer, Bob Hoose of Berkley, the marlin being hooked are BIG. The marlin are in one small area and the 50 teams are all fighting for their attention....

Here is where we stand -
Gambler is now hold 3 marlin
End of the line has 1
C-Bandit has 1
Ace High with 1
Salt Shaker with 1 - they should be in first.

The following teams have moved on from their marlin...
Mispah has released
Great White released

The following are currently hooked up....

Angel and the Bad Man - still keeping up the good fight with a double
Buck Fever
Bad Company

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